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Quick Start Guide

Please follow the below instructions to get started and connect with your Habit Camera:

    1. Download & install the “Habit Camera” App from the App Store or Google Play to your smartphone or tablet
    2. Pair your Habit Camera to the Habit Camera App
      1. Turn on the camera by sliding the power button up
      2. Open WiFi settings and look for “HABIT_XXXX
      3. Connect to the network and enter the default password “12345678
    3. Return to the Habit Camera app and the camera feed will appear in the app.

You can use the Habit Camera by itself or by magnetically attaching it to any of the accessories including:

    1. Flexible Handle РBest used while laying in bed.
    2. Table/Floor Stand – Best for inspecting your feet.
    3. Suction-Cup – Best when you want the camera to be in a fixed position.

The Status LED on the front of the Habit Camera will help indicate what mode of operation is active.

    1. No LED = Camera is OFF or the battery needs to be recharged
    2. Flashing Blue = Camera is ON and ready to pair using WiFi
    3. Green = When the camera is connected by WiFi and you open the app then the LED will turn Green.
    4. Red = Camera is connected by WiFi and the App is open but the battery is low and needs to be recharged.

When you plug the Habit Camera in and it is charging the LED will turn solid RED. Once it is fully charged then the LED will turn OFF. Please note the Habit Camera is not designed to operate while it is charging.

When the camera is switch on you can use the buttons to:

    1. Turn the LED Ring Light ON/OFF – Click the blue LED button on the back of the Habit Camera to turn on the LED Ring Light (can adjust the brightness of the LED Ring Light through the Habit Camera App).
    2. Take a Picture – Click the blue Snap-Shot button located at the top of the Habit Camera.

All other functions can be controlled through the app including:

    1. Record a Video
    2. Take a Snapshot
    3. Zoom In/Out
    4. Rotate the Image
    5. Mirror the Image
    6. Adjust the LED
    7. Use Voice Control

Voice Control – Many of the functions can be performed using Voice Control. To do this you need to enable Voice Control in the settings. While on the camera screen you can press the microphone button and use a voice command (listed in settings).