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Routine Skin Self Exams: Routine Skin Self Exams (SSE) are essential to identify any potential skin issues in their earliest stages.  This is very simple to do on the front half of the body but becomes very challenging for certain areas of the body that are hard to see without the aid of mirrors. 

Flexible Handle Mirrors: Using mirrors is challenging to do effectively and doesn’t save images or videos to share digitally.  If you see something that looks suspicious it can be very hard to explain using words over the phone or email. 

A picture is worth a thousand words – The Habit Camera enables users to take high quality images and send them to clinicians or caregivers using text or email.  This saves time and makes it easier for others to know what issues you are describing. 

Cell-Phone Cameras: The Cell Phone Camera is great for taking pictures but is hard to get a high quality image in focus for skin inspection.  Most importantly, if you use the camera to inspect an area you can’t see then it takes forever because you can’t see the image in real time. You have to record a video and hope you captured the image clearly and this is very inefficient. 

The Habit Camera enables users to comfortably inspect hard to see areas of their skin in real time.  The Habit Camera is efficient, effective, and ergonomic.

The Habit Camera is designed to allow people to live independently.  Unfortunately, not everyone has or wants a caregiver.  If you do, then you can certainly ask them to check your skin, but a lot of people don’t have a caregiver or want them to inspect the skin every day.