The Habit Camera was developed by researchers at the Minneapolis VA.  Christine Olney PhD, RN and Dr. Gary Goldish, MD, along with the Minneapolis Adaptive Design and Engineering (MADE) team developed the concept and laid the foundation for successful development.  They believed there had to be a better way to perform skin inspection that the flexible mirror or cell-phone.  

Initial prototyping and development efforts began with a proof of concept using a laptop and webcam on a stick.  

This quickly progressed to a wired Camera with a flexible handle and android app.  This was studied with 5 patients at the Minneapolis VA and data showed statistically significant changes in Usability (p=0.04 – QUEST 2.0) and Effectiveness (p=0.001 – ability to identify markers representative of skin wounds) (CITE PRESENTATION).  This difference is meaningful and the Habit Camera may lead to improved patient compliance, patient satisfaction, and effectiveness (FDA DISCLAIMER).  For detailed information download our white paper by clicking here (link to white paper).  

We are actively conducting clinical research (under IRB approval) with the most recent Habit Camera prototypes.  Our goal is to make the most effective, low-cost, digital tool for Skin Inspection and Telehealth to support Wound Care, Dermatology, Podiatry, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy.  To learn more about our ongoing research efforts please