Introducing The Habit Camera

a wireless camera

purpose-built for

skin inspection & telehealth

Rechargeable Battery


Full HD

Magnetic Attachments

This groundbreaking, low-cost, wireless camera promotes best practices in skin inspection and telehealth, empowering users to check their own skin easily and independently.

Daily skin inspection is crucial for those with limited sensation, wounds, or ulcers, but consistency can be challenging. Did you know that daily skin checks can prevent major health crises and complications?

By promptly identifying pressure sores or wounds early on, you can take immediate action to prevent further complications. Neglecting thorough daily skin inspection can delay the detection of life-threatening issues.

 Habit Camera revolutionizes skin inspection by providing a simple and effective tool accessible to everyone. It sets a new standard in skin inspection, enhancing your quality of life, overall health, and longevity. With early problem detection, you and your healthcare team can swiftly seek solution.

Experience the transformative power of

Habit Camera

Elevating skin inspection for people wordwide.