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A New Skin Inspection Device


Bringing daily skin checks out of the dark ages and into clear focus through simple, cost-effective, and life-changing technology.

The Habit Camera allows anyone to check their own skin easily and independently even those with limited sensation, limited hand function, and limited flexibility.

It is the first low-cost, wireless camera designed and built to promote best practices for skin inspection and telehealth.

Daily skin inspection is vital for anyone experiencing limited sensation, wounds, or ulcers but it isn’t always easy to do consistently.

Did you know daily skin checks can prevent a major health crisis or complication?


When you find a pressure sore or would early, you can act fast to prevent the problem from worsening.

But if you don't inspect your skin thoroughly, every day, then you won't find potential life-threatening problems soon enough


Catching skin issues early can save your life. Habit Camera is changing skin inspection as we know it. Our simple and effective skin inspection tool is available to everyone.

The Habit Camera Is Raising the Bar for Skin Inspection for People Everywhere


Simple, accurate skin inspection improves your quality of life and even your overall health and longevity. By catching problems early, you and your healthcare team can quickly work toward solutions.


When you know exactly what’s going on with your body, you can advocate for the care you deserve.

You no longer have to recruit another person to help with skin inspection, trust their assessment, struggle with inadequate equipment, or worry someone will see a picture of your body.

Habit Camera is on a mission to elevate dignity, independence, and confidence for everyone performing frequent skin monitoring.


How to Inspect Your Skin With the Habit Camera

The Habit Camera has a high-definition camera that connects to the Habit App on your phone or tablet.

The Habit App is available for both Android and IOS.

Once the app is installed, it quickly and easily connects with the Habit Camera using WiFi. Just open the app whenever you’re ready to complete your skin inspection. When you’re using the Habit Camera during skin inspection, you’ll be viewing real-time footage of the camera view. As you move the camera, you’ll be able to check for any skin changes or concerns. If you find an area that you want to monitor, you can take a picture or a video with the push of a button. You’ll be able to see immediately if the image is clear and captures the full area you’d like to monitor.

Images are stored in the Habit App, and can be saved to files on your computer if desired.


What Makes the Habit Camera Skin Exam Device Unique?

High Definition Camera

Allows you to capture clear, accurate images.

Telescoping, flexible goose-neck

Inspect those hard-to-reach areas without straining and bending your body into unnatural positions.

Adaptable handle

Optional silicone strap reduces the need to have a tight grip while moving the Habit Camera around during skin inspection. This feature increases independence for those with limited hand function or with hand weakness.

View images on your phone or tablet

You can be in a comfortable position and get a clear view of your skin.

Images are stored in the Habit App

This ensures the images of your wound or pressure sores are not on your camera roll and don’t sync to all your devices or the cloud. Nobody wants a picture of their pressure sore appearing on a screen-saver or accidentally viewed by friends or family. The Habit App keeps your personal pictures secure and private and YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR DATA!

Designed to work with telehealth systems

The Habit Camera app allows you to securely send images to your health care providers. You can also send images/video by text or email.

Independent Skin Inspection – Restoring Dignity

Daily skin inspection is imperative, but do you really want a spouse or someone else checking for wounds in your hard-to-see places?

Habit Camera – helping you complete skin inspections independently, thoroughly, and safely.

With the Habit Camera, you can take this personal care task back into your own hands.

The Habit Camera facilitates independence, dignity, and can even help you catch skin breakdown sooner, so you can work towards a solution and heal faster.

The Habit Camera is a vast improvement over the skin inspection mirror for monitoring pressure ulcers, wounds, and other hard-to-see skin concerns.

Habit Camera – helping you complete skin inspections independently, thoroughly, and safely.